How we take care of all your vehicle’s needs.

Air Conditioning

Does the A/C in your car keep you cool? If you answered no don't sweat it, call or email and we will get you cooled off fast.


We pride ourselves on the ability to diagnose advanced auto electrical issues. Let our experts fix your wiring issues for you without the headache.

Emissions Diagnostics

Keep your vehicle running smoothly and cleanly and quietly by maintaining your exhaust system and evaporative emissions control system. It impacts your fuel efficiency and the longevity of your vehicle.

Headlight Cleaning

Get your headlights cleaned and remove old yellow stain, road film and improve light intensity so that you can see further at night to keep you safe on the road.


Wheel alignment not only prevents your vehicle from pulling to one side or the other, it also significantly improves the life of your tires, enhances braking performance, improves overall stability of the vehicle and improves fuel economy. All these benefits lead to the most important result: improved safety.

Tires/Tire Rotation

We install and balance tires as well as sell them for your convenience. Call us or send us an email today with your tire size and let us give you a quote.

Oil Changes

Recommended every 5,000 km or 3 months. Change oil filter & engine oil (up to 5 litres of regular oil and standard oil filter (specialty filters extra). Includes inspection of all fluids and topping up when necessary: engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and windshield washer fluid. Drive belt inspection. Lubrication of chassis, steering and suspension components (if applicable). Visual inspection of front/rear-wheel drive systems, steering system, suspension components, universal joints and boots. Fluid leak inspection. Visual inspection of exhaust system. Windshield wiper inspection, Tire inspection and air pressure adjustment.

Brake Service/Brake Fluid Flush

Maintaining your brakes is extremely important for the safety of you and your loved ones. Taking care of little problems now can save you from bigger troubles later. Every car needs periodic brake services; how often your brakes are serviced or repaired depends on your driving habits and driving style. We inspect your brakes so you know the exact condition of your braking system and perform any necessary repairs in advance. Your safety and the safety of the people that travel with you (family or friends) is very important to us. We use the highest quality parts to ensure that your car can always stop with ease, and in an emergency situation, provide braking power you can depend on. We recommend a yearly brake inspection and possible service; bring your car in for a free inspection of your brake system today, absolutely no obligation (call or schedule an appointment online).

Transmission Service

Transmissions are constantly shifting up & down, creating a lot of heat in your transmission. Heat can break down transmission oil, preventing it from protecting metal parts & bushings. Having the fluid changed every 50,000km will help your transmission last longer.

Timing Belt

If your vehicle is equipped with a timing belt, some manufacturers recommend replacement of the timing belt at 100,000 km to prevent engine damage. A broken timing belt can bend valves in the engine and damage pistons which can result in expensive engine repairs and at times engine replacement.

Air Filters

Your car may have a cabin air filter that stops airborne contaminants like dirt, soot, pollen, and other pollutants and prevent leaves, dirt, bugs and other debris from entering the HVAC system. When plugged, this will reduce the air flow entering the vehicle and cause poor heating or air conditioning performance. If you have seasonal allergies, replacing this filter on a regular basis will stop dust and mold from entering your car's ventilation system, improving air quality.

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