Covid Response

Dear Valued Customers

As you are aware, there are numerous cases of the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) across the country and worldwide. WE ARE CURRENTLY OPEN.  We are monitoring situations with extreme care and caution while continuing to operate with as much normalcy as safety will allow. The rapidly evolving CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) situation is unsettling, changing daily life and the operations of many businesses, schools, and workplaces. There is a great deal of uncertainty and we would like you to know the health and well-being of our customers and staff is what matters most to us here at TOTAL AUTO SERVICE.

We do our best to keep you safe on the road and in life, but need your help to contain this rapidly spreading virus and ask you to join with us in taking certain precautions.

If you are experiencing ANY of the following… cough, fever, any respiratory symptoms,

Or if you have recently traveled outside of Canada,

Or you have been in contact with someone who has recently travelled outside of Canada,

Or you have been in contact with someone with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 or undiagnosed respiratory symptoms,

Please call (519-886-2641) to reschedule your appointment.  If you feel your vehicle needs service immediately, please have someone who has not been in recent contact bring your vehicle to the shop.  Feel free to make use of our key-drop system when dropping off your vehicle. Simply call to make arrangements with our staff. 

We would also like to minimize waiting room traffic and would suggest some of the following as ways we can ensure our community’s safety and well-being even if you are feeling well and have not travelled:

Make arrangements to drop off your vehicle with us rather than wait in the office for your vehicle to be completed, payment arrangements can be made including using our E-TRANSFER system.

Feel free to make use of our key drop at any time, even during open hours.

Our staff is taking as many precautions as possible while they are working on your vehicle; sanitizers, frequent hand washing, and monitoring their own health at all times.

In addition to the daily precautions we take in our business, we are increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting our waiting area, and washrooms, as well as the temporary removal of all frequently touched objects, such as magazines/reading material.

Prior to coming into work each day, our team members are subject to the same self-assessment as noted above. None of our team members have travelled outside of Canada recently.

The health and safety of our clients, staff, and the residents of our surrounding communities remain at the forefront of our daily routines.

We appreciate your understanding and support as we all work together to help prevent further spread. Your understanding is much appreciated.  Together we can help stop this and still provide you with the excellent care you and your vehicles require.

Total Auto Service